Lowest Price Guarantee

We guarantee that we bring you the lowest prices possible all the time, and that's a promise. However, if you happen to find a cheaper advertised price on an identical stocked item that's in stock with our competitor - even if it's on sale, we will guarantee to match the price. You can simply contact us including a URL to the product on our competitor’s website. We will issue a special dicount code to match the price without asking any questions.

Conditions Of Lowest Price Guarantee​:

  • The identical products must be current, valid, purchasable and shipped within Australia.
  • All matching prices must be listed on a same website. For example, if you want to match than two items' prices they must be on a same website. We do not match any prices which are advertised on third party's platforms e.g. eBay marketplace, Google Shopping or comparison websites.
  • No further Reward Points, Discount Coupons and Free Shipping apply to our Lowest Price Guarantee.
  • This policy applies to online orders through our website only.
  • We reserve our rights for certain brands, products which are in limited stock.